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Exploring the Great USA started this spring.  Usually this is when wedding season is getting started and we often find ourselves with some downtime for a few days here and there.  Therefore, we’ll try to get away when we aren’t busy working on weddings or lifestyle events.  We are known to pack a bag and head off to see the country.  This country has a lot to see! Our last trip consisted of driving to Roanoke VA where our dear friends recently purchased a dreamy house on a peninsula of Smith Mountain Lake!  Who does that… right? Well, they did and we are fortunate enough to get to go visit when time allows. Our time is always filled with laughing, shopping, boating and more laughing… oh how I miss them. April was a little chilly for boating so we opted for a train ride (our first ever) to Washington DC.  Bus tours and museum could not be more recommended. Library of Congress, breathtaking, and the Capitol building is just buzz of magnificent. Again with camera in hand we had some fun sessions in the yard and off we had to come back to reality.

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