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Video for your wedding

When it matters the most…


As we state in the short video above, “when it matters the most” we mean “it’s more than just taking pictures”  This is part of our mission statement, “to create artwork and lasting memories for our clients that will be cherished for generations”.  We strive to be as unique and creative with each and every client, every single time. It’s not easy because if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Here is an excerpt from “Wedding insights and stories” a video by “Propcellars” for their elopement package called “propups“.  We searched online for statistics about what past brides wish they had spent more money for and what they wish they had spent less for.  

Most every article stated most brides wished they had spent more on their imagery. This includes videography as well as photography.  However the videography offered today is much different than what was available years ago.  The days of long, boring wedding videos are long gone.

Choosing your film maker

From another of our blog posts, “99% of the time you get what you pay for”. If you look for a videographer or any vendor based on the lowest price, you might be disappointed with your end product or service.  Searching for the least expensive videographer you can find will probably not result in the footage you really want for your wedding day.  However, looking for the most expensive vendor doesn’t automatically result in what you want either.  It is important to view your videographer’s work.  Look at their “style”. Does it appeal to you?  We have talked with other vendors in our industry.   They have stated how they edit their videos the same for every client.  Actually, there is nothing wrong with this. They shoot an high number of weddings each year. This model works for them and their clients. This is not our model.

A trusted adviser

Being your trusted adviser.  It is something that definitely sets us apart from many other imagery vendors.  We help our brides with many things on their wedding day. This begins long before the wedding day.  VMStudio Alicia+Jake ProposalFrom the timing of the events of the day to simply moving or holding things for them. It’s all about their day.  This is one of the reasons we don’t limit hours for our wedding clients and always include two videographers. We don’t want our bride to have to decide what they want covered for their day.  We are the professionals. As such, it’s our job to let you know what can be done to cover your day. You can safely leave that in our hands. One less thing you have to worry about.

Cinematic Experience

We present the cinematic experience that entertains you and your family for generations.  When we start creating your film, we are looking to show your story in the most compelling and meaningful way possible.  Some of the questions we ask ourselves is this film fun?  Is it entertaining?  Does it portray their day in a pleasing and compelling way?  When our brides get to the end of viewing their wedding film the last thing we want them to think is “finally it’s over!”  Instead, we we want you thinking”Hey , lets watch that again”!

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